All Natural Tattoo Balm

All Natural Tattoo Balm

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Our premium Tattoo Balm was meticulously handcrafted with natural ingredients renowned for their skin-loving properties. The herbs used work synergistically to soothe, heal, and protect the skin post-tattoo. From reducing pain, redness and swelling to promoting skin regeneration and minimizing infection risks, each ingredient plays a vital role in ensuring optimal healing.

Our balm provides the perfect balance of hydration and nourishment, keeping your tattoo vibrant, healthy and free of infection. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a smoother, happier tattoo experience with our Tattoo Balm. Embrace the art of tattooing with confidence, knowing your skin is receiving the care it deserves naturally.


Unrefined Sunflower Oil, Arnica Montana*, Calendula*, Lavender*, Chamomile*, Frankincense*, Tea Tree*, Beeswax *Organic