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These genuine crystals help to bring balance to the body.

Red Bamboo Coral- targets the root chakra, it imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness

Orange Quartzite- targets the sacral chakra, it encourages willpower and persistence. This healing crystal increases concentration, focus, luck, and creativity. Quartzite keeps you on track and insures you have the physical energy and emotional stamina to stay in your own power.

Citrine- targets the solar plexus, these powerful yellow crystals vibrate uplifting energy which is retained from the sun. Citrine warms and energizes the soul, bringing joy and light into any environment. This is a stone of happiness and manifestation. Citrine enhances creativity, revitalizes the mind, and generates abundance. 

Green Aventurineprotects the heart chakra and encourages love, compassion, kindness, and emotional healing. It defuses negative situations and turns them around, they enhance empathy and encourage perseverance. The energy from Green Aventurine stimulates optimism, confidence, creativity, and perception. It alleviates nervousness, calms irritation and anger, brings balance to emotions, and stimulates intellectual abilities. These comforting stones are beneficial for those with quick tempers and attention disorders.

Aqua Quartzite- targets the throat chakra, it encourages communication and discovery. This healing crystal increases thinking abilities, self-expression, peace, calmness, and balance. It heightens ones ability to search and understand. 

Blue Quartzite- targets the third eye. It is a stone of peace, inspiration, self-discipline, and communication. They gently bring us back to our senses. These uplifting gemstones provide a calm and soothing vibration which encourages peace, mental clarity, understanding, and self-expression. Blue Quartz lifts negative thoughts and depressive tendency, allowing for positive energy to be your guide.

Amethyst- targets the crown. It has a peaceful, yet protective vibration. This purple crystal transforms negative energy into positive energy and releases it back into the universe. Amethyst eases tension and calms scattered thoughts. It stimulates the mind, enhances memory and focus, improves communication, and amplifies creativity. When wearing A during meditation, it brings deep understanding and spiritual insight.