Shave Kit

Shave Kit

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This luxurious set includes everything needed for a smooth, comfortable, and refreshing shave. Ideal for gifting on special occasions or as a thoughtful treat for yourself, our Shave Gift Set promises to transform the daily shave into an indulgent ritual.

Inside you’ll find:

Pre-Shave Oil
• Prepare your skin for the perfect shave with our nourishing pre-shave oil. This blend of natural oils softens the beard and creates a protective barrier, ensuring a close, comfortable shave while reducing irritation.

Basil and French Clay Shave Soap
• Experience the ultimate lather with our basil and French clay shave soap. Formulated to provide a rich, creamy lather, this soap ensures a smooth glide of the razor, while basil purifies and French clay detoxifies the skin.

After Shave Serum
• Soothe and rejuvenate your skin post-shave with our luxurious after shave serum. Infused with natural ingredients, this serum hydrates, calms, and protects the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized.